What We Do

The Boston Release Network has several key programs in place that provide goods, services, and/or funds to released persons.


A monthly “Charlie Card” is provide upon release.

Benefits –

  • Attend appointments with parole/probation, therapy, group programs.
  • Access to various programs and services that facilitate reentry such as education, job/resume training and medical appointments.

Cost – $84.50 per client per month


An activated “smartphone” is provided to each returning citizen with BRN covering up to the first six (6) months of service. During this period, the client is encouraged to sign-up with other programs help continue to cover the $30 monthly service bill.

Benefits –

  • Maintain crucial contact with their support network and family
  • Setup appointments for housing, job interviews, counseling and probation
  • Navigate an unfamiliar city

Cost – $190 – $240 per client


Compensation is provided to clients who choose to attend approved reintegration classes provided by organizations with which BRN has developed a working partnership.


A secure, durable, waterproof backpack is provided upon release. Packs contain toiletries, undergarments, shower shoes, and a padlock.

Benefits –

  • Immediate availability to basic survival items for a smooth transition.
  • Reduce the stress of homelessness by keeping belongings dry and safe.

Cost – $75 per client

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