The Boston Release Network is a volunteer program to improve public safety by assisting those formerly incarcerated for a sexual offense during their transition from the prison system back into the community.

Since 2012, the Boston Release Network (BRN) has been dedicated to the successful reintegration into the community of released persons who have committed a sexual offense.

Our goals are simply to:

  • have no more victims; and
  • give our clients the support and the tools necessary for a meaningful transition.

BRN is also a resource for information to persons with sex offenses who face problems in their community primarily due to registration issues. Those concerns include housing, employment and compliance with statutory mandates of registration laws.

Thus far we have enjoyed extraordinary success in that not one of the 100+ men we have assisted since our founding has been arrested for a new sex offense. We believe it is no accident. We believe that our intensive hands-on approach and peer support are the keys to a successful transition that gives a man hope at a future life.