Correctional Program Officers & Case Managers

Services Will Be Provided for 6 Months From The Date of Release

These are the services that we can provide to inmates being released from your facility. We can:

On the day of release:

  1. Pick up the person from the facility and transport him/her to Boston;
    1. Contact the proper Registry Officer and set up an appointment for the person to register;
    2. Transport the person to the proper Probation Department to be fitted with a GPS unit if it is Court ordered;
  2. Coordinate with your property officer to set an acceptable time and date to pick up the person’s property;
  3. Assist with setting up a bank account, if necessary;
  4. Facilitate entry to the shelter;
  5. Introduce him/her to their support team;

The following days:

  1. Help them activate their MassHealth;
  2. Set up medical appointments;
  3. Help them apply for Food Stamps;
  4. Help them apply for additional benefits they may be eligible for;
  5. During the first few days develop a realistic release plan with the person in order to better facilitate their reintegration to the community.